A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There is Only Power is a strategy / roguelike. Build a small army, learn spells and find artifacts to enslave a kingdom before its citizens overthrow you. The world, your spell list, the artifacts and opportunities for recruitment are randomly set up each game to give you a unique challenge.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(53 total ratings)
TagsPixel Art, Procedural Generation, Roguelike
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


ThereIsOnlyPower-Windows.zip 42 MB
ThereIsOnlyPower-Mac.zip 44 MB
ThereIsOnlyPower-Linux.zip 45 MB

Install instructions

Windows - Download and unzip. Run "ThereIsOnlyPower.exe"

Mac - Download and unzip. Run "ThereIsOnlyPower.app"


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I love this game. The music and simple graphics make me imagine more of a story than is directly presented. Game balance is both non-existent and perfect: it lives up to the title.

PS There may be a bug with the "bless" spell which gives 3 armor (if I'm remembering the name right)

Is there a way to combine the power of all the magic archetypes into one? I just wanna do it for a fun OP game.

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linux version not working

amazing game really fun


Truly great game, unfortunately looks like it might not be getting worked on anymore? Oh well, such a cool strategy game, challenging yet easy to keep playing!

It is a fun game!

Latest release of macOS doesn't allow 32-bit binaries so you need to rebuild in 64-bit for Mac users.


I hope I don't insult you by this. This is a simple game yet super fun.


Glad you like it! I'm working on a sequel of sorts, may be up your alley if you liked this:

Deleted post

the addition of a "codex" or "book" were you could review allies and enemies to look at their stats and abilities would be nice

Good idea!

Hi there. The game looks great but on linux i have a few issues with the GUI. Some text is missing (mouse over mana types for example)

I tried running the game in wine and got the same issue.


So addictive, you should put it on Steam. People would pay money for this!


This game is really good! The developer is a genius


Hi, I enjoyed this game a lot, especially the background with the music and when you discover the game, you are lost and try to survive and discover all this wonderful  stuff.

I managed to finish the game with all characters ! (first time with battlemage, then  Psycho (easy), archmage, illusionnist and finally with lich) but please remove the artefact bug :

frequently, when you pick up an artefact the game freeze on the artefact screen. When you want to do an usual game and try to gain a lot of artefacts to power up, you cant win ! the game will freeze . So you must avoid artefact zone, it's too bad. I had this bug 3 parties in a row with Lich, one game I had 80 water mana (cause I had 8 spells and the frozen rings), I was really disappointed.

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What fonts are used in the game? The tooltips of artifacts and enemies only show as empty boxes.

That is Unity's default font Arial. Sorry it's not showing up! That's strange.

No, it's not strange at all. I installed ttf-ms-fonts in my Linux system and now it works.

I don't remember why I didn't try that in the first place. At least anyone with the same problem will have the solution now.

Thanks for your reply.

From the Unity manual:

Cheers :)

Include Font DataThis setting controls the packaging of the font when used with Dynamic font property. When selected the TTF is included in the output of the build. When not selected it is assumed that the end user will have the font already installed on their machine. Note that fonts are subject to copyright and you should only include fonts that you have licensed or created for yourself.
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Needs ability to press escape to bring up menu. 

I had a game breaking bug after I killed casters. I was offered an artifact. I could take all three artifacts any number of times, and the artifact selection screen never closes. Trapping you and breaking the game. 

there is a good start for this game and it is fun...at first. It is extremely hard . there should be something that always u to choose difficulty. The classes are small and not to much to them. I didnt quit understand how enemy units had so many ability and yours very few if any. u have only about 4 summons and 3 to 4 guys if your lucky to find and get. there is so many different type of enemy's with very good ability its sad. use some of those on the players guys..then when your beat down you will get groups of enemy's that has like 10 tough guys in them..some that can attack 4 times. can any of your guys do that...no. u might be thinking right now about spells. well the heavy hitters spells are so over board on damage on one guy and it cost sooooooo much mana that u will never see a guy with that much hit points. or to the other end u will get spells that does so little they are worthless, especially  in end game. there is so much u could do here with this game. but it has been out for years and udates just stopped anyways so i dont know why im saying it could be great when clearly it will go no farther. hey its free, what do u expect. thxs for the small but yet fun time.

i found a glitch that if you choose a card while it is showing the animation the card will not be used but you will lose the mana

i think you should add a pause and save because if somebody needs to close the game for some reason he would lose all his progress and some people can't play continuously until the game ends so they would lose their progress 

Like when the "boss" is coming home... ;)


well i don't think i can lose anymore :D psychomancer and archmage are easy wins 10 out of 10(some really OP combo). with the others i have to have some luck getting the spells+artifacts fast for OP combos for the infinite points. i think the battlemage is by far the weakest since it's in the front line, and can always die first against mass enemies unlucky targeting... but maybe i just have to find a way to influence/position their targeting or my battlemage position although i dont know if it's possible.
i would like to see more spells for variety (like double the amount of possible spells and more artifacts. current artifacts are a little boring, there are 4 very good, but aside from that 4 others are quite useless with very little impact. there should be way way more artifacts and it would be cool if many could influence your playstyle depending on what you got.


So I took a look at the Game a few days ago and I must say I really like the gameplay and the thought that went into. Especially the token system coupled with the souls I like a lot and makes it fun to hoard power like a fantasy villain only to unleash it unto puny creatures, daring to face you.

But the illusion is a bit shattered by (and I hate to say this) bad balancing. I like, that in combat your units attack at last ... it forces the player to think how to prepare himself for even the weak encounters, as the damage done by any can rack up over the time.

Sadly at the same time it makes a lot of things useless, what you could do as player. Especially in your "limited" choice of units to pick. If you look at the summoning spells in the earth spell tree, I actually found not a single unit I could reliable use. Most die without anything done, at most soaking up just a bit of damage, but only to leave you with no mana left. It's a bit of shame, as you have (particular in the beginning) no real chance to support your own expensive units.  Or the offensive fire spells, that do more or less all the same ... just some slower, some weaker ... or overkill? Actually I never found  an enemy with more than 12 health ... so incinerate dealing 20 is a bit much ... sure there could be shield on the units, but so limit the game is right now, you are probably dead anyway, should NPCs have this much over you.

On the other hand a couple of spells/units are so good (*cough* gryphon) you can not lose with them ... and as I saw you are already aware you can run the game unlimited at the end if you get to a certain point. 

Therefor the choice of archetype isn't really relevant ... you just do the same with anybody and have the same result. Which really is a shame, I totally like the ideas of the possible classes ... first favorite was the battle-mage after having the weak lich at the start ... but the huge emphasis on health and mana gain through game overshadowed all the other classes after wards, that where more of a gimmick than actual helpful. Sadly even that didn't matter in the end. 

Some things come to my mind you could try out:

- Give more control over Unit position|Make 3 battle lines|Rework damage dealer position: That's actually big point right of the bat as most units are the bread and butter of any play-through. One problem is that units intended as meat shield can't really do their work, as most damage dealer are in the front row as well and the RNG will screw with you, that's for sure. Why having a unit that gets stronger with each attack ... when you just lose it anyway after one or two fights?

- nerf "counter" damage from weaker enemies|give high level units damage reduction like the undead/dragon: This really took me hard when i realized that a couple of peasants with sticks could topple my demons ... not only can a bunch of weak units whittle down a boss character, units that attack multiple enemies like demon and golem get hit by every single "counter" unit they attacked ... it hurts ... it really does.

- give zombies an single use reborn ability per fight: There is only one way to get zombies I think, but even this one is a bit ... weak, but fine as you get more. But if you add a more generic way to get zombies as the player they should have an ability to come back once after beaten in a battle. Just so they can do their work as meat shield.

- Give the Keelut counter ability: It should be a meat shield and it does, bot honestly it can't do much else ... even if the counter would do 1 dmg it would already be more useful.

- reduce cost of Kigatilik | give it damage reduction like undead: Actually in my first game i was so happy to summon this guy ... only to realized I lost. xD Sorry but like the game is right now, not even 20 HP would be enough for the huge cost ... well maybe ... but no.

- add ambush to (some) fire spells: Should you do something yourself, you want to do it right ... but as player you have honestly little choice at what to do with the enemy back-row ... where most damage dealer sit, like the mage that attacks the full row. Sure you could use sleep, or poison to get rid of one ... but what when there are two or three other units?

- let the player use inns more often when notoriety isn't to high: The real problem at the start is, that you can't heal your units so easily or better to say not to often before you run out of options.

- get gold for battles won: Money isn't too useful except for healing and buying artifacts/spells, but it can be hard to come by at the start. Going for farms early on and racking up notoriety through slaves isn't really an option if you want to get through the game.

- add potions | reusable items | add shops you can use multiple times if notoriety isn't too high: Just a small gold sink, maybe add some potions for all types of mana and of course health.

- let settlements rebel if put under slavery | let undead reign when you destroy settlements: Just a small tweak for longer game-play

- don't stop with raid parties: Not sure but at some level of notoriety you never encounter any raid parties. This is a shame as this works well to put pressure on the player. I don't mind the scaling it's actually okay if you know the game a bit. But for long game, maybe you could add raids with multiple waves to make it a bit more challenging. But this brings me to another problem ...

- buff enemy reinforcements: The funny thing is, if you play a bit and have some spells ready to buff your units ... you are happy when the enemy sends in another wave of souls for your bottle. Having the time of the first round to do your bidding is fine, but makes it much easier to beat new coming enemies than when you start from the first turn. Sadly I'm not 100% sure how to fix this ... if you give them the first shot it would be to strong ... just giving them armor would be weird.

- add some veteran-level to your units. Having a unit over the course of many battle should make them a bit stronger. Maybe rank them up/evolve them?

- pls don't let the pupil try to backstab you every single time: Really it hurts me all the time XD look, I beaten the whole island into submission and this puny guy tries to get me? When my group of monster is all around us? Shouldn't be so dumb.

- add some more artifacts | add incremental improvement to artifacts: Well just some  thought of what type of effects you could add - Mana cost reduced, increased number of units, artifacts with the ability of other archetypes (like how the battlemage gains mana by damage, because of his item, not from an ability). Scrolls that give spells - not in the spellbook. Also I could image it, that you find parts of the same item and with each piece the artifact gets stronger.

- add some attack, debuff, buff, summoning to every typ of mana. It's nice to have clear understanding what the spells do, just from the typ of mana you use, but it can also be unfair if you run out of specific mana, because you use this type of spell so much. Maybe you could rework the spellbook a bit? Like a table:

The x should showcase just some increments similar to what you have right now. The specification of every mana should stay the same, just open up more options.

Anyway I rant already way to much :) Hope you can take some inspiration from it. In the end I just want to thank you for this lovely piece of entertainment.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the thoughtful write up. I really like some of your ideas, like villages rebelling being a great thematic element, and in general agree that the game would benefit for more "stuff" overall (especially consumable purchases, great idea!). I think some of your ideas are going against some core goals I had for the game, though. 

I like that player's units die a lot, for instance.  It plays into this image I have of the mage's dispassion towards his subjects and willingness to throw their subject's body between themselves and danger. I do want players to be able to run builds where you cultivate an army, but it's in general rare and really hard. You'll need to get a good selection of protecting spells, probably play a Battlemage so you can take some of the heat off your allies and aggressively get other allies to spread the damage out. Early in development, I found these strategies so prevalent that I started increasing how common "Counter" was to deal with it. It is mostly there to make sure that build still has risk associated with it.

I have experimented with more fire spells having ambush, but I think it makes that line a little overpowered. There are times when you end up with no good way to deal with the back row and it's a fun scramble. I like that! However, there are times when you end up unable to deal with the back row and it leads to long drawn out battles that you know  you'll eventually lose. And those suuuuuuuuuuuck. Not sure on how to keep the good and lose the bad.

One of the original goals I had was to make the archetypes play very differently early in the game but mostly similar towards the end. I tend to like this in roguelikes because I play through the beginning a lot but the end not as much (because, in general, I'm not very good at these games). So I want the variation to be great early on to allow players to jump into something else if it's getting same-y, but similar later so they can carry over experience between plays on the late-game regardless of class choice and go for a win. This has the unfortunate effect of making the other archetypes less interesting if you're really good at the game and can consistently get to the mid point. I tuned the difficulty for myself (who's mediocre at these kind of games generally) and I lose enough that it works for me, but I think there needs to be something like the paragon levels in Slay the Spire for better players to up the challenge on replays.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback!

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I cant pick artifact, maybe i have too much of them? Game stuck(

Sometimes the artifact picking screen hangs, unfortunately. Sorry about that. Looks like you were having a great run too!

Game is alot of fun, played 2 games over a few hours and unlocked all the classes after winning my second run. 

The game seems to hitch during the larger encounters towards the late game, I thought it crashed on me several times during later fights which was scary.

You are probably aware but the artifacts screen bugs out when you get too many of them. Most of the artifacts are pretty pick and forget so it didn't really affect gameplay. 

After some point enemy parties stopped spawning and my notoriety bar seemed to bug out showing that I was way over the cap. Made me feel pretty bad picking the teleport and root spells.

The final fight also seemed very easy but maybe that was because I had completely snowballed at that point. 

Ill have to try out the other classes out later. 

Glad you enjoyed it!

You can definitely run away with the game after the end of the notoriety. I originally didn't think it was possible to get that far and survive, but clever players find some ways. If you get there, you will have no trouble with the final battle for sure. Ideally, there would be a mechanic to push the player to the final battle before they've had time to become incredibly strong, but I never came up with a great solution to that.

had a bug where the game froze up on the artifact screen when getting artifacts from killing the worlok ambassador.  also this may  be dumb but how do i see the score list?  the game was fun even manage to win once after about six or seven tries.   by the way combining golems and the adrenaline power was pretty nice.  fun game.

I think I turned off the scoreboard a few years ago (so long ago I can't quite remember) because all the names in there were really nasty  and I didn't want to figure out how to automatically clean them up. Sorry about that.

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There needs to be a "forfeit" option, for when you know you're going to lose but don't want to restart the game or wait to die.

I agree.


Bug encountered: After attacking a wizard party, I was given 2 artifacts and 2 spells. I could continuously click and gain infinite artifacts, but I could never exit the screen and continue with the game. I could dismiss army units, summon army units, learn new spells, but no matter what, the artifact screen wouldn't go away. Should be a simply fix. Fantastic game overall.

Thanks for the bug report! Sorry it's soft-locking on you.

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enjoy the game but i keep running into a bug that makes me quit the game. when ever i beat a random encounter that would give 2 artifacts and 2 spells. It lets me take as many artifacts as i want but will never close the artifact select screen so i can't progress.  but great concept fun game

Thanks for the bug report! Sorry it's soft-locking on you.


It's great and i think this could be a great  game on phones as well

Yeah it might be able to transfer to phones. Glad you enjoyed it!


Nice experiment here! Keep up the good work!

Fun bug: I had to close a game because the fight screen popped up with two raiding parties fighting each the other...I think they hit me at the same time, but I'm not sure. Ciao!

Yikes that's a pretty nasty bug! Sorry about that!


Will happily pay for a sequel or expanded version!

Hope I can get you one someday!


This is a very fun game.  Well done.  It is extremely hard but still a blast.  One suggestion would be - if you select a spell with only one possible option, just auto-apply it instead of making the user click anyway.  

Glad you like it! I've experimented with auto-selection when appropriate. People were more likely to get confused about how the game worked when it auto-selects the only available target. Probably that should be an "option" you can enable so it doesn't confuse new players, and experienced players can turn it on to speed up selection.


Great point - my first 2 hours playing it would have indeed been confusing but hour 3-4 is when I started thinking on it.  In fact those first 2 hours I thought focused spells were not just 1 focused per round, but one focused spell meant it was the ONLY spell that could be cast.  So I missed a lot of damage in those early games.  I figured that one out tho!


Great little game.  Found it quite challenging.  Would be great to have more unlocks and permanent upgrades for each character after death to get a feeling of progression.  Card based combat is a great choice as well :D

Glad you liked it! I like unlocks after death more than upgrades personally, but also think more would be cool.


hey man awesome little game!! Do you need any help with making sprites? im currently working in another game  called age of strategy and we use the same 32x32 format, do you need any help with making more mobs?

Cool! Looks like you've nailed that style. I'm not looking for more art at the moment, but I'll message you if that changes!

cool! Hope I can be of help


Great game, I don't think it's too hard you just have to learn what sites let you do what and be careful picking when to fight the end city.

Glad you liked it!

It has a good premise but it's difficulty is insane. My first complaint is that raid parties and random enemies form way too quickly. The second is they are often too hard because you don't get enough time to get strong enough. I had ONE run that I did well as but I got overwhelmed by raid parties. My third complaint is that once you get into a named tile, you have to do one of the shown options even if it would be bad for you. My fourth complaint is that inns are only one time use and with all the battles you get into, that's a death sentence.  My last complaint is it seems only the Psychomancer is playable as the others are way underpowered in comparison, especially the Lich.

I'm sorry it's not working for you. Interestingly, I find the Psychomancer the hardest to play! I've yet to beat the game with them, but have heard others have. I put the Lich first because it's easiest for me, but it's not too uncommon for others that it's the hardest. Maybe not the best starting choice in retrospect.

Take a poll and see which is typically the easiest. That should be the starter.


I completely forgot I had downloaded this game for a while, and now that I started trying to make videos again, I decided to go through old games I downloaded and found this one. I apparently never beat it until today, but regardless it's still a really fun game. 

Glad you enjoyed it!

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I had a lot of fun with this game. I never managed to win but came really close


That's awesome! glad you enjoyed it.

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Finally, I won! So glad that I stumbled across this gem of a game. 

You mentioned making a sequel and if you polished the UI and made the game a little less random, this kind of game could be a big hit. Looking forward to it.



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