A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There is Only Power is a strategy / roguelike. Build a small army, learn spells and find artifacts to enslave a kingdom before its citizens overthrow you. The world, your spell list, the artifacts and opportunities for recruitment are randomly set up each game to give you a unique challenge.

For more info or questions, contact @porousnapkin on twitter

Install instructions

Windows - Download and unzip. Run "ThereIsOnlyPower.exe"

Mac - Download and unzip. Run "ThereIsOnlyPower.app"


ThereIsOnlyPower-Windows.zip 42 MB
ThereIsOnlyPower-Mac.zip 44 MB
ThereIsOnlyPower-Linux.zip 45 MB


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It's great and i think this could be a great  game on phones as well

Nice experiment here! Keep up the good work!

Fun bug: I had to close a game because the fight screen popped up with two raiding parties fighting each the other...I think they hit me at the same time, but I'm not sure. Ciao!


Will happily pay for a sequel or expanded version!

Hope I can get you one someday!


This is a very fun game.  Well done.  It is extremely hard but still a blast.  One suggestion would be - if you select a spell with only one possible option, just auto-apply it instead of making the user click anyway.  

Glad you like it! I've experimented with auto-selection when appropriate. People were more likely to get confused about how the game worked when it auto-selects the only available target. Probably that should be an "option" you can enable so it doesn't confuse new players, and experienced players can turn it on to speed up selection.


Great point - my first 2 hours playing it would have indeed been confusing but hour 3-4 is when I started thinking on it.  In fact those first 2 hours I thought focused spells were not just 1 focused per round, but one focused spell meant it was the ONLY spell that could be cast.  So I missed a lot of damage in those early games.  I figured that one out tho!


Great little game.  Found it quite challenging.  Would be great to have more unlocks and permanent upgrades for each character after death to get a feeling of progression.  Card based combat is a great choice as well :D

Glad you liked it! I like unlocks after death more than upgrades personally, but also think more would be cool.


hey man awesome little game!! Do you need any help with making sprites? im currently working in another game  called age of strategy and we use the same 32x32 format, do you need any help with making more mobs?

Cool! Looks like you've nailed that style. I'm not looking for more art at the moment, but I'll message you if that changes!

cool! Hope I can be of help


Great game, I don't think it's too hard you just have to learn what sites let you do what and be careful picking when to fight the end city.

Glad you liked it!

It has a good premise but it's difficulty is insane. My first complaint is that raid parties and random enemies form way too quickly. The second is they are often too hard because you don't get enough time to get strong enough. I had ONE run that I did well as but I got overwhelmed by raid parties. My third complaint is that once you get into a named tile, you have to do one of the shown options even if it would be bad for you. My fourth complaint is that inns are only one time use and with all the battles you get into, that's a death sentence.  My last complaint is it seems only the Psychomancer is playable as the others are way underpowered in comparison, especially the Lich.

I'm sorry it's not working for you. Interestingly, I find the Psychomancer the hardest to play! I've yet to beat the game with them, but have heard others have. I put the Lich first because it's easiest for me, but it's not too uncommon for others that it's the hardest. Maybe not the best starting choice in retrospect.

Take a poll and see which is typically the easiest. That should be the starter.


I completely forgot I had downloaded this game for a while, and now that I started trying to make videos again, I decided to go through old games I downloaded and found this one. I apparently never beat it until today, but regardless it's still a really fun game. 

Glad you enjoyed it!

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I had a lot of fun with this game. I never managed to win but came really close


That's awesome! glad you enjoyed it.

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Finally, I won! So glad that I stumbled across this gem of a game. 

You mentioned making a sequel and if you polished the UI and made the game a little less random, this kind of game could be a big hit. Looking forward to it.



This game is really nice! I am way too bad at it, but it feels so good to play! Be assured, I will put many more hours into it, you have created a very solid game. 
I did find a bug however, where the strength of certain enemies does not represent the damage they're doing. This happens in parties, where the enemy is buffed to have 1 more strength, I take out the guy who buffed the party before they get to move, but they still receive the buff. Is this intended?

That definitely sounds like a bug! Thanks for the report. You were killing the buffed enemy during the "fast" phase before enemy actions and they attacked with the higher strength? I will look into that. 


It's been a long while since I've played a fun game.  A really long while.

After many trials, and learning each location, I eventually won as the Lich.  The difficulty varied so much throughout the game, I would either get wiped out, or buy out 2 extreme difficulty locations in a row.

So much fun.

Excellent! Congrats on the win! 

It really makes my day to know people enjoy the game.

Thats a really good game
sadly Icant run it underlinux 64bit (Ubuntu 18.04) It says libGLU.so.1 is missing :/

Sorry about that. I  used Unity's Linux build but don't have a machine myself to test it on. Thanks for the info!

I'm on Debian so I'm a little out of my element, but I found this topic on Stack Overflow that might help.  Be sure to check the comments on the best-voted answer, too. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22360771/missing-recommended-library-libglu-...


Such a fun game! Damn good job creating this one. My only wish is that you continue to expand and add to it. This game is great as is but still has so much potential. 

Thanks! I'm trying to work on a sequel that's bigger, though I think I over-scoped it. Hopefully I can get out something new soon!


This game is amazing, could use some UI polish but gameplay is super fun.

Thanks! You made my day!


Game bugged out for me once, It prompted me to select an artifact and would not exit the promt. It let me take as many as I wanted and I could cast world-map spells but not move. 

Other than that it's a great game! :D

Sorry about the bug! (And my slow response!) I still haven't found the cause of that one, unfortunately, but you're not the first person hit by it. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise!


Bro is really good game, I wait you improve it more!

Thanks! I'm working on a sequel with more stuff.


Love this game, I have spent way too much time on it

I'm really happy to hear that! Thanks for writing in!


Very nice game and concept, if you manage to polish its rough edges and add some more random content to give it more replayability it would make for a very good game that I would not hesitate to buy