A downloadable game for Windows

Pact is a turn-based strategy roguelike. Make a pact with a demon for world changing powers and survive the consequences. 

Explore a Unique World

Each game is played in a procedurally generated world with new locations to discover. Explore to find out what makes this world unique. Figure out how to exploit each world's features to their fullest.

Discover Powerful Combos

Combine your spells with the benefits of each location to create powerful combos. Overwhelm your opponents with strategic pairings of spells and allied units. Carefully cultivate economic engines that churn out whatever you need.

Work With a Demon

Keep the demon you've made your pact with satisfied. Find a way to get out of the pact while working for your demon.

Help Make the Game

Pact is at an early stage of active development. Help me make Pact the best game it can be. Discuss what's working and what's not in the comments or on Discord. Follow updates on Twitter or the Newsletter.

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Run "Pact.exe".


pact-windows-x64.zip 154 MB
Version 0.0.11 Apr 17, 2020

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