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It's been a long while since I've played a fun game.  A really long while.

After many trials, and learning each location, I eventually won as the Lich.  The difficulty varied so much throughout the game, I would either get wiped out, or buy out 2 extreme difficulty locations in a row.

So much fun.

Excellent! Congrats on the win! 

It really makes my day to know people enjoy the game.

Thats a really good game
sadly Icant run it underlinux 64bit (Ubuntu 18.04) It says is missing :/

Sorry about that. I  used Unity's Linux build but don't have a machine myself to test it on. Thanks for the info!

I'm on Debian so I'm a little out of my element, but I found this topic on Stack Overflow that might help.  Be sure to check the comments on the best-voted answer, too.

Such a fun game! Damn good job creating this one. My only wish is that you continue to expand and add to it. This game is great as is but still has so much potential. 

Thanks! I'm trying to work on a sequel that's bigger, though I think I over-scoped it. Hopefully I can get out something new soon!


This game is amazing, could use some UI polish but gameplay is super fun.

Thanks! You made my day!


Game bugged out for me once, It prompted me to select an artifact and would not exit the promt. It let me take as many as I wanted and I could cast world-map spells but not move. 

Other than that it's a great game! :D

Sorry about the bug! (And my slow response!) I still haven't found the cause of that one, unfortunately, but you're not the first person hit by it. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise!


Bro is really good game, I wait you improve it more!

Thanks! I'm working on a sequel with more stuff.


Love this game, I have spent way too much time on it

I'm really happy to hear that! Thanks for writing in!


Very nice game and concept, if you manage to polish its rough edges and add some more random content to give it more replayability it would make for a very good game that I would not hesitate to buy