Pact 0.0.9 - QoL Features and Bug Fixes

Here's a load of fixes targeting areas I've gotten reports on. Chagelist:

  • Added speech bubbles to social locations so they can respond to events
  • Fixed opening menu flow to hide the UI until the world is created (suggested by gornova)
  • Most UI now renders under cards so you can easily look at them
  • Mana and Gold fields are now auto-populated with relevant spells and mana costs (suggested by gornova)
  • Eternal Flame can now duplicate exhausted spells
  • In combat, drag a card over something you can't target and you will get a popup explaining why you can't target it
  • Mouse over bandits and demon hunters will now display their difficulty (suggested by gornova)
  • Fixed a crash when a location that is temporarily exhausted is replaced
  • Bulwark no longer shields back row allies, only front row allies (suggested by Jason)
  • Added a persistent cue for Demon Hunters to make them easier to spot when on a location (suggested by gornova)
  • When hitting end turn, the turn does not progress if the player is in the middle of an animation until the animation finishes (suggested by Jason)
  • An animation plays whenever an ability is added to either map or combat hands, showing you where the new ability ended up.
  • If you build in a location that a Demon Hunter is about to enter, it used to break the Demon Hunter, leaving them there forever unable to attack. This is now fixed. (Reported by Jason)
  • Fixed a soft lock that occured sometimes when allied Pikemen or Knights tried to self buff (reported by Jason)
  • Fixed a bug causing units to always target the same enemy with every ability / attack.

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Version 0.0.9 Apr 01, 2020

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