Pact 0.0.10 - Save and Load

0.0.10 Adds saving and loading. This happens automatically at the end of every day.

- Fixed a series of crashes related to bad memory checking.
- Game automatically saves at the end of every day, and you can load an old save from the main menu (suggested by mtarini)
- Fixed a rare map creation crash when a location connection spline had no points.
- Fixed bug causing Options button to be hard to hit. (reported by gornova)
- Changed card text on Ice Shield to make it explicitly only target self. (reported by gornova)
- Made the card display (for exhausted, combat cards, etc) have a scroll bar so it can handle having tons of options. (reported by Jason)
- When your attack stuns someone, it plays a bassier hit noise.
- New UI color scheme.
- A little bit of screenshake on hits.
- Redrew wildlife clearings to be more visible in forests
- Redrew forts to look less janky.
- Switched Bulwarks protect action to 3 shield rather than 5. Set HP to 12.
- Caves and Fort combat difficulty reduced.
- Lowered starting player HP to 15
- Fixed location popups doing weird multi-line display.
- Pikeman "Prepare" action now gives 2 shield rather than 1 shield.
- Crystalize upped to 5 damage.
- Instant Age now removes 7 max HP  (instead of 5)

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Version 0.0.10 Apr 09, 2020

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