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A turn-based strategy roguelike. Make a pact with a demon for world changing powers and survive the consequences. · By porousnapkin


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Pact 0.0.11
0.0.11 is up. Every enemy got a new attack in this build. Peasants are throwing turnips now! Changelist below - Forts are less common (suggested by Jason). - Sp...
1 file — 0.0.11
Pact 0.0.10 - Save and Load
0.0.10 Adds saving and loading. This happens automatically at the end of every day. - Fixed a series of crashes related to bad memory checking. - Game automatic...
1 file — 0.0.10
Pact 0.0.9 - QoL Features and Bug Fixes
Here's a load of fixes targeting areas I've gotten reports on. Chagelist: Added speech bubbles to social locations so they can respond to events Fixed opening m...
1 file — 0.0.9
Pact 0.0.8 - Locations locations locations!
Every location has had a huge revamp with the goal of having an internal narrative, as well as at least one long-term map-changing consequence action associated...
1 file — 0.0.8
Pact 0.0.7 - Painted Map, Artifacts, and More
Build 0.0.7 is up. Changelist: - The map is now painted, no longer black and white. - UI is now bright themed, rather than dark, which fits the painted map bett...
1 file — 0.0.7
Pact 0.0.6
Build 0.0.6 is up. Changelist: MASSIVE rebalance. Goals: Combat now in general takes twice as long. Most units have double their old HP. No combat action exha...
1 file — 0.0.6
Pact 0.0.5
Build 0.0.5 is up. Changelist: - Strengthen pacts are more expensive (40, 80, 120, 160, 200) -> (40, 100, 200, 300, 500) - Pikeman can now shield themselves. T...
1 file — 0.0.5
Last post
If you run into a bug or crash, please tell me about it! I want to fix everything! Posting about it here is fine. Emaili...
started by porousnapkin Apr 09, 2020
15 replies
This is an amazing game. The gameplay is addictive and fun. Pact has potential to bloom into something very popular.
started by Elodin Istina Jul 11, 2021
No replies yet
I would love to play the game in a different mode, less rogue like, more management. Without demon hunters, but with mor...
started by Elodrai Jul 03, 2020
2 replies
Interesting game! Big fan of that little gem that is There Is Only Power, I jumped at the occasion to test this one out...
started by mtarini Mar 31, 2020
13 replies
Here my feedback on this release: - sometimes mouse does not highlight properly options in the menu - why I'm not able t...
started by gornova Apr 04, 2020
1 reply
Hi againt, I will provide another feedback, hope to help! now start is more easy and focused, thanks! on the map it's po...
started by gornova Mar 23, 2020
1 reply
Hi! I've played version 0.0.6 and found it interesting as concept! I built a prototype about similar ( but different con...
started by gornova Mar 16, 2020
1 reply